Bryx + Bry

Owner: Jimmi Easton’ Isenmann

Business Location: Inside Erickson’s Galena and Afton locations
About Me:
As a mama of 2 girls Bryxtin and Bryier I found myself wanting the boutique clothes for my little girls but kept running into
where I wanted them affordable. I mean daycare is our main place for appearance.
Instead of searching and complaining I knew so many had the same issue.
Welcome to Bryx+Bry! biI have always had a passion for the fashion industry. I worked at 2 huge fashion icon retailers for 11 years.
It was time I brought today’s fashion to our next generation. If you want to splash in the puddles in your tulle accented top and bell bottoms… You go girl! Mama is ok with that!
-Baby Clothes
-Toddler Clothes
-Little Girl Clothes
– Handmade Sunnies
and our MOBILE TRUCKER HAT BAR has been a huge hit for Birthdays, Pop Up Shops, Events, Proms, and more!

Fraizer Farms

Owner: Angela & Frankie Frazier
Business Location: Baxter Springs, KS
Business Type:  Handmade Up Cycled Vintage Home Decor, salts and seasonings, Fun home, camper and lake decor.

About:  Meet the Frazier Farms team!  Angie’s love for creating and not wanting to waste anything bloomed into our fun side business.  In the summer of 2023, my amazing herb garden was overflowing!  I wanted to not waste this abundance and share it with others.  Hence, Frazier Farm was created.  My husband and i joke that we live on the Frazier funny farm with our dog, cats, over 100 chickens and goats.  There is never a dull moment here!
As if that was not enough, my love for sewing was rekindled in the fall of 2023.  Seeking to make handmade, one-of-a-kind pillows and decor by upcycling vintage fabrics and quilts.
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Vintage Inspirations 365

Owner: Julie Erickson

Business Location: East Valley, Arizona
Business Type: Vintage, Antique, Boutique, Jewlery, Decor, and so much more.

My name is Julie Erickson, owner of VINTAGE INSPIRATION 365, and most importantly Mom/MIL of the owners of ERICKSON AND CO. MERCANTILE.
After working for Mesa Public Schools as a Speech/Language Pathologist for 30 years, I retired and started my own resale business (which started out as a hobby).  People ask me why my business is called VINTAGE INSPIRATION 365…my answer is that I am Inspired by Vintage 365 days a year!!!  My inventory is filled with whimsical, ever changing vintage treasures, jewelry, glass, and decor-where old meets new! My days are best filled with:
-Finding JOY
-Treating everyone I meet with respect and kindness
-Spending time with my family and friends
-Road trip treasure hunting
I am thrilled to be a part of the ERICKSON AND CO. MERCANTILE family!


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Floral & Soy

Owner: Kelsey Karnes

Business Location: Riverton, KS
Business Type: Homemade, 100% Soy Wax & Essential Oil Candles
I started Floral & Soy with a vision of beautiful, HEALTHY candles. Floral & Soy candles are made entirely from all natural soy wax. Soy wax is non-toxic and burns slower than what most candles are made of, paraffin wax. Paraffin wax releases carcinogens, which are used in things like insecticides and chemical fertilizers. My candles are also made with therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils are the “soul” of a plant and have been proven to have benefits to your physical and emotional wellness. Topping the candles with a melting flower, filled with real flowers, pressed and dried by me, adds a bit of elegance to draw you into its medicinal scent and warm glow.
I strive to make healthy candles for you and your family to have in your home. I hope you ENJOY!


Owner: Krystal Baker
Business Location: Joplin, MO
Business Type: Boutique specializing in bracelets and accessories.


I started my business in 2022.  My business name is reflective of all the “forever” things that took place in my life that year (including marrying my husband Kyler Baker).  I enjoy creating pieces for my clients to love & treasure.

The White Willow Mercantile

Owner: Ashleigh Slater
Business Location: Joplin, MO
Business Type (Products Offered): crystals, essential oils, Charm Bar


I started The White Willow as an outlet from my 9-5 and a dream of owning my own brick-and-mortar. It has become a creative outlet for me and a way to share the things I love most.

The Bark Squad

Owner: Amber McCoy
Business Location: Baxter Springs KS
Business Type: Dog Bandanas, Treats & Toys


I started making my dogs Reece & JuneBug bandanas & treats. I thought others would love them too! I also offer slime, sensory toys & lip balm in the vintage sliding tins!

BeYOU-tifully Made Designs


My name is Rachel Ogle, owner and creator of BeYou-tifully Made Designs located in Southeast Kansas. I was raised in Riverton, Kansas, where I went to school and met the love of my life, Matthew. Just after High School, I started my college career at NEO A&M College, where I graduated with an Associated in Applied Science and then became a Physical Therapy Assistant. I have always loved helping others, but I hold a special place in my heart for the elder generation. Just a few years after marriage and getting my career underway, we decided to start our family. Just shortly after, Matt and I were blessed with twin boys. Our boys have us very busy, as you can imagine, with school, sports, and everything outdoors. We are so thankful every day for the joy that they have brought into our lives.

I have always had a special love for crafting and making things for others. I have adventured through many crafting avenues through the years, and now I have found a way to design and create one-of-a-kind products. I make a variety of items, from personalized gifts to leather patch hats, and my most popular items are earrings and jewelry pieces. My favorite thing about BeYou-tifully Made Designs is that it allows me to work part-time and have a flexible schedule, so I don’t have to miss out on any of my boy’s activities.

No matter where life takes you, remember you are wonderfully and BeYOU-tifully Made.

Front Porch Fancy

Owner: Andy Goodwin
Business Located: Carl Junction, Missouri
Business Type: Handpainted Home Decor


I started Front Porch Fancy just a couple of years ago. I have always loved to craft and create, so starting this business was the perfect way to share my ideas and work with others.


Owner: Leslie Dinger
Business Located: Riverton, KS
Business Type: Car Freshies


I started making car freshies in January of 2022. I love looking for new hobbies and creative outlets in my life, and that is how I got started in the world of car freshies; the creativity and possibilities are endless! I named my business after the phrase “So Fetch” from the movie Mean Girls, and SoFetchFreshies just stuck!

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Oak Creek Baskets

Owner: Pauline Charles
Business Location: Miami, OK
Business Type: Specializing in hand-woven baskets, weaving chair seats & teaching basket weaving classes

Established in 1990

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Mama Bear Boutique

Owner: Darla Southard
Business Located: Inside Erickson & Co. Mercantile
Business Type: Boutique specializing in spirit gear women’s clothing


I created this boutique as an outlet for my creativity, to be used for designing graphic tees for school spirit.

Scarlett Gypsy

Owner: Scarlett Gypsy

Business Location: Inside Erickson & Co. Mercantile and Salon Central Joplin, Mo.

Business Type: Offering Boho chic upscale clothing in sizes small -3XL.

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Ronni’s Custom Designs

Owner: Ronni Howell

Business Location: Galena, KS

Business Type: Ribbon and faux leather bows, key chains, earrings, epoxy cups, and epoxy pens

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Frankie Addams

Owner: Sarah Sizemore
Business Located: Baxter Springs, KS
Business Type (Products Offered): Add a bit of whimsy from a wide range of eclectic handmade and personally curated items for the unique individual.  Inspirations come from classic horror movies, the vintage aesthetic, and dripping in ’90s/early ’00s flair.  From stickers, keychains, jewelry, and more, there’s definitely something by Frankie for everyone.


During the pandemic and after years of doing nothing artistically, Sarah grabbed her iPad and got to work.  Digitally creating art and thriving on the freedom of being creative again.  It didn’t take long for her love for the iconic Kewpie ( originally created by the Ozark native Rose O’Neill ) to take over.  Dragging her down a path where she began dressing them up as some of her favorite characters.  Even going as far as to make what she calls her “Little Buddies”.  All of which have their own name and personality.
​After a friend suggested she share her art online, Sarah created an Instagram. But she needed a name.  “Frankie Addams” comes from her favorite universal monster, the Bride from Frankenstein, and the Addams Family.  And just like that, Frankie Addams was born.
​Sarah became more than just a small-town goth who loves pink and loves to draw, but a small business owner selling her creations all over the States!  Attempting to spread happiness,  good vibes,  and a few spooky scares along the way!

DVK Designs

Owners: Kaci Hoffer and Vicki Lewis

Business Location: Miami, OK

Business Type: Toddler and Youth Clothes, Badge Reels, Silicone Wristlets, TShirts, and More!

What started out for my classroom quickly turned into a business when my coworkers wanted the same shirts and signs!

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K & K Creations

Business: K & K Creations
Owner: Karissa Langley
Business located: Lincoln, AR
Business type: Starbucks cups, car coasters, keychains, felt freshies, kids’ clothing, Duke Cannon, earrings, etc…
I Started in 2020 in Baxter Springs, KS making Cricut crafts, mainly t-shirts, cups, and earrings. I have added and removed many things in the three years.


Owner: Haley Pritchard
Business Located: Joplin Missouri
Business Type: Polymer clay earrings
I started DemDot when my children were babies. I named my small business after my daughters, Demi and Dotti. We’ve been creating beautiful earrings together for five years.

Magic Manes Hair Glitter

Owner: Jessica Ferdig
Business Located: Welch, Ok
Business Type: (Products Offered) Hair Glitter

I started Magic Manes Hair Glitter after purchasing something similar online from an unknown seller and putting my own spin on it! When I received the product, I knew for sure it would be something fun for everyone. My daughter loved it, so I knew others would too! I have really enjoyed using my creativity to make MM happen.

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The Waving Wheat Boutique

Owner: Josie Chrz
Business Located: Quapaw, OK & within Erickson & Co Mercantile
WWB mainly carries women’s clothing and accessories with the goal in mind of uplifting and embracing women by bringing fashion that instills confidence and beauty! One year ago, we extended our collection to create custom pure leather patch items. We create leather patch hats, leather signs, leather tags, and leather patches for numerous items our customers want customized!
I opened WWB in 2018 after the birth of my first child. I found that I was struggling to find clothing that I felt was cute and fashionable but also that I felt confident in with my new mom body.
Unique | Sweet | Bold | Southern
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